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Amor Construction, founded in the Outaouais region by Roma Gauvreau in 1990, is a family business headed by the founder's three sons: Jude Gauvreau, Éric Gauvreau and Rock Gauvreau. The company specializes in construction and demolition, environmental deconstruction, heritage restoration, and renovation (handling designated materials). With vast experience reaching back more than 20 years and recognized expertise in the field, Amor Construction has completed more than 5,000 key construction, demolition and asbestos removal projects in the institutional, commercial and industrial (buildings and public works) sectors.

The company regularly invests in training for members of its team, to have ongoing access to highly qualified staff who hold the necessary certificates and are capable of delivering very high quality services.

Amor Construction is also known for effective management of asbestos removal projects. With solid expertise and a reputation for excellence in asbestos removal, Amor Construction specializes in safe, effective management of a broad range of contaminants present in commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

Safety is Amor Construction's keyword in project execution. The company regularly invests in training for members of its team, to comply with provincial and federal regulations.

Amor Construction's reputation is based on respect for the following values.

QUALITY: Amor Construction is committed to delivering high quality services.

INTEGRITY: Amor Construction meets its commitments to its clients with professionalism and protects their interests at all times.

CONFIDENCE: Amor Construction forges close partnerships with its clients.

14, chemin Richard, unité 01

La Pêche (Québec) J0X 2W0

Tel: (819) 456-1466

Fax: (819) 456-1467

134 St-Paul, Unit 02

Ottawa, ON, K1L 6A3

Tel:(613) 742-7550

Fax: (613) 742-7547


Phone : (819) 456-1466 / (613) 742-7550

Fax: (819) 456-1467 / (613) 742-7547


Laborer’s International Union local 527

Carpenter’s Union local 93

The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades local 200









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